The Real-Life Horror Stories of Gender Ideology and Public Schools | with Laura Bryant Hanford

What would you do if you learned that your child’s school had been plotting an elaborate scheme to legally abduct your child, cutting off all communication from you and forcing them into a state-run facility because they view you as the enemy? Could we really be living in an America where teachers introduce vulnerable students to drugs and pornography, implanting transgender ideology into their minds, all the while deliberately hiding it from their parents? Believe it or not, these horror stories are happening all over the country, even in America’s most conservative states! But what can you do to protect your children?

This week, Frank sits down with Laura Bryant Hanford, an advocate for human rights, religious freedom and school policy, a contributing writer to The Federalist, and a graduate of Princeton University. As a concerned mother of five herself, Laura’s involvement with the Fairfax County’s Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee has given her key insight into what’s really going on in our educational system and what you can do to change it! During their conversation, Frank and Laura will answer questions like:

Why was Laura removed from the school board committee?
How are educators successfully grooming children into transgenderism without the knowledge of the parents?
How does transgenderism benefit Big Pharma companies?
How are online chat rooms being leveraged to indoctrinate kids and hide information from parents?
What resources are available for parents who want to stay in the know?
How is Transgender Ideology affecting public policy and what are Democrats doing in response?
What makes children especially vulnerable to being victims of “Gender-Affirming Care”?


The topic of this week’s podcast is outrageous and alarming but it could save your child’s life (and your peace of mind)! Not only will this episode uncover the multifaceted avenues that can be used to trap innocent kids, but it’ll bring awareness to the issue as well as provide you with the resources you need to shield underage youth from these heinous, demonic abuses of power. For more information, you can read Laura’s full articles at The Federalist and be sure to download this extremely helpful and comprehensive list of resources to help you stay engaged and take action wherever you live!

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Resources mentioned during the episode:

Laura’s articles at The Federalist

More on Sage’s story and Sage’s Law

Even more helpful links, websites, and resources on how to protect our kids (PDF file)

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