Jacob, Joseph, and Jesus: EVEN MORE “Third Day” References in the Old Testament | with Dr. Chip Bennett

Is the whole of Scripture just a disorganized collection of conflicting documents? Some scholars think so, claiming it to be a battleground for historical contradictions. But what if it’s actually a carefully orchestrated thread, woven together and preserved by the Divine Author Himself?

Just a few episodes ago, Dr. Chip Bennett wowed listeners with his insights into the resurrection themes and third day narratives from the Old Testament. For this midweek podcast episode, Chip returns to dive even deeper into the Hebrew Bible and to uncover how the Messianic prophecies are intertwined with the tales of patriarchs like Jacob, Joseph, Joshua, and Judah. How do some of our daily routines point to the resurrection? Can the story of Cinderella shed light on the Gospel? How does the third day relate to life and death motifs? All these questions and more will be answered in the conclusion of this special three-part series. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the previous two podcasts in the list of resources below to make sure you’re all caught up on Frank and Chip’s full conversation!

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Resources mentioned during the episode:

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