The BIGGEST Misconceptions Protestants Have About the Catholic Faith with Jimmy Akin

Do most Protestants have a good grasp on Roman Catholic theology or are they largely misunderstanding some of its core doctrines? While Protestants and Catholics share certain beliefs, there are also key doctrinal differences that have led to numerous church councils and theological debates throughout Church history. What are some of the most common misconceptions that many Protestants have about Roman Catholicism and what exactly does the Catholic Church teach about eternal salvation?

For this midweek podcast, author and Catholic Apologist, Jimmy Akin, returns to set the record straight about the Catholic faith and to dispel some of the false ideas that Protestants have about the Roman Catholic Church. With his unique perspective as a former Protestant himself, Akin will unpack what it is that Catholics actually believe in regards to the Gospel, justification, baptism, purgatory, and much more! During their conversation, Frank and Jimmy will answer questions like:

Why do Catholics consider the Apostle Peter to be the first Pope?
What are some of the things that Protestants and Catholics agree on?
Why was the Council of Trent important?
How do Catholics define justification?
Do Catholics believe that atheists can be saved?
Does Roman Catholicism teach faith by works?

In this friendly dialogue (not debate) between Frank and Jimmy, you’ll get insight on why they both decided to switch churches on their faith journey as they talk about their own personal experiences with Protestantism and the Catholic Church. To learn more about the theology of Roman Catholicism from a Protestant perspective, grab a copy of the book ‘Roman Catholics and Evangelicals: Agreements and Differences‘ (co-authored by the late Dr. Norman Geisler), and also endorsed by Jimmy. And be sure to subscribe to Jimmy’s YouTube channel as well as his Mysterious World podcast!

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Jimmy’s website:

Jimmy’s podcast: Mysterious World or Watch on YouTube

BOOK: Roman Catholics and Evangelicals: Agreements and Differences

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