What Is Casual Dechurching and Is There Hope? – Jim Davis, Michael Graham, Patrick Miller

In this episode of As in Heaven, Jim Davis and Michael Graham welcome Patrick Miller to discuss the meaning of casual dechurching. They provide insights into why roughly three-quarters of those who have dechurched fit this category. You’ll learn how we can better engage this group of people and why there’s tremendous hope that many of them will return to church.

Episode time stamps: 

Episode topic and guest introduction (0:00)
Dechurching and a missional call to Gen Z (4:00)
Who are the casually dechurched and why did they leave? (6:06)
Church size and COVID-19 (10:22)
Reengaging and what has worked in Miller’s context (17:06)
The use of technology in reengaging the dechurched (19:13)
Six different profiles of churchgoers (24:54)
Four categories of church evangelicals (26:45)
Close friendship and discipleship (28:38)
Trusting the Holy Spirit and being intentional (33:53)
Practically engaging the dechurched through discipleship (41:50)

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