How the Gospel Changes Our Lives and Church Communities – Blair Linne, Soojin Park, Aixa de López, Sharon Dickens

In this first episode of Glo, Blair Linne, Sharon Dickens, Aixa de López, and Soojin Park share their journeys of discovering the transformative power of the gospel and the importance of understanding the substitutionary atonement of Christ.

You’ll hear how they first came to believe in the gospel and how it continues to influence their lives and churches today. Stay tuned to the end of this episode, when the hosts talk about their favorite dishes from their cultures.

Episode time stamps:

Episode and host introductions (0:00)
Blair’s story of coming to faith (3:30)
Soojin’s story of coming to faith (6:07)
Sharon’s story of coming to faith (7:36)
Aixa’s story of coming to faith (10:29)
The church in different contexts (13:24)
Being part of the minority or majority (20:19)
Recommended resources (27:28)
Favorite dishes from different cultures (30:54)

Recommended resources mentioned in this episode:

Acceso Directo
Coalición Por El Evangelio

First Steps series from 9Marks

Comforts from the Cross by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan and Alan Vermilye

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The Gospel Coalition

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