How to Teach with Passion and Personality – Nancy Guthrie

In her message at TGC’s 2022 women’s conference, Nancy Guthrie delivers a strategy on how to teach the Bible with both passion and personality.

She encourages us to teach with passion—in a way that our love for the Scriptures is evident. And with personality—where the aim is to develop a relationship with our audience.

Guthrie then provides 12 practical tools to help us overcome the fear of inserting ourselves into Bible teaching:

1. Use humor as a way to break down barriers and unite the audience.

2. Use story to serve the main thing, not be the main thing.

3. Use drama in your reading and teaching of the passage.

4. Use song or lyrics to drive home the point of the passage.

5. Use emotion genuinely to prick the ears of your listeners.

6. Use confession of your own sin and inability to follow the message perfectly.

7. Use voice variation to keep your listeners’ attention.

8. Use body language to get their visual attention.

9. Use unmentionable applications, like unmentioned but common sins among your audience.

10. Use eye contact and get out of your notes in order to deliver the message effectively.

11. Use prayer to infuse passion and an active dependence on God in the teaching.

12. Make it your aim to get to the gospel and Christ’s passion.

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