Can We Create a Turning Point? | with Charlie Kirk

Frank has been speaking at 15-20 college campuses per year since 2007. The reason he goes there is because the college campus is probably the most anti-Christian piece of real estate in the United States of America. When we conduct a session on campus—it takes our team and a Christian host group on campus to do so—we are throwing a lifeline to the Christian students who attend, and we are putting a stone in the shoe of the skeptics who show up. But too few people are doing this. So when we find someone who is—and doing it remarkably effectively—we want to tell you about that person.

In this episode, Frank welcomes his friend Charlie Kirk who heads an organization called TurningPoint USA. TPUSA has thousands of college and high school chapters that encourage students to defend conservative and biblical values.

Frank and Charlie discuss many important topics including:

What are the top objections Charlie hears on college campuses?

How do you respond to them?

How can we prepare our kids before they go to college?

Where can you go for good worldview training?

What events are coming up for young adults and pastors that can be helpful?

What about starting a classical education school in your neighborhood?

How do you respond to people who say that getting involved in politics can turn people off to the gospel?

And more…

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