The Kids Aren’t Fine: Stories From Inside Family Redefinition – BreakPoint Podcast

Our culture proclaims a narrative, that what kids need are parents not moms and dads. Movies, television shows, music, public policies, they all call us to a new way of organizing the family. This new organization prioritizes adult desires, wishes, and needs over kids. We hear, over and over, that the kids will be fine. But the kids aren’t fine.

Katy Faust has been on a campaign for years to tell the stories of children who are victims of the sexual revolution. These are often unheard voices in our culture. 

Children, conceived by invetro fertilization have stories. Katy is telling them. Kids adopted into loving families have a story our culture often doesn’t hear. Katy is sharing it. Those raised in same-sex households have stories. Katy is sharing those stories.

Katy’s new book is titled Them Before Us. It calls the culture to place the needs and desires of children over those of adults. 

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