What Does the Bible Reveal about the Human Heart?

With All Your Heart

Our Creator designed every aspect of our being, including all of the emotions, thoughts, and desires whose origins we attribute to the human heart. So what does God have to say about our hearts? And what can we learn from all that the Bible teaches about how the heart directs our actions, attitudes, and motives?

In the book With All Your Heart, you’ll learn that Scripture defines our hearts as comprising our minds, desires, and wills. The book unpacks the relationship between these three elements to explain how sin invades our lives by creeping into the choices we make, the desires we have, and the rebellious actions we take.

With All Your Heart draws from the more than one thousand references the Bible makes to the human heart to provide a clear picture of the epicenter of our being, teaching us why we think and behave the way we do.

So, is it possible to get ahold of all that our hearts desire and orient ourselves steadfastly away from sin and towards Christ? The answer is yes, and With All Your Heart explains how.

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