Parenting in This Cultural Moment – Jasmine Holmes

Jim Davis and Michael Graham welcome Jasmine Holmes to talk through the complexities of parenting in this cultural moment. They discuss the fears and hopes of parents raising black children and what it looks like to help majority-culture children process this period of American history. The group addresses:

  • An introduction to Jasmine Holmes (1:28)
  • The story behind Mother to Son (2:52)
  • Current greatest fears in this cultural moment (5:23)
  • Divisiveness and echo chambers and fear (7:16)
  • The black “birds and bees” talk (11:00)
  • The “talk” with black boys (15:29)
  • Challenges raising black children in this cultural climate (17:24)
  • Coping with the struggles of raising black children (26:05)
  • Hope for parenting black children in this cultural moment (28:19)
  • The source of hope for parents (30:35)
  • The importance of community (34:16)
  • Learning the nuance and contours of parenting black children (36:07)
  • Helping children understand this cultural moment (38:58)

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  1. How was race spoken of in your house growing up? How were major moments of racial strife in the news discussed? What ways might that have been different for other cultures?
  2. What fears do you have for your children? How do those fears come from their culture or the color of their skin? How does this play out in conversations with your children?
  3. Why is it important for the church to recognize the differences in parenting through this cultural moment? Why is it important for the church to recognize the differences in parenting children of different cultural backgrounds?
  4. How can those in the majority culture process these race conversations with their children?

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