Building a Theology of Getting Fired – Ask BreakPoint

John and Shane field important conversations downstream from worldview. A scientist asks how to frame gender identity. Another listener asks how to engage fundamental worldview questions in the classroom.

John references the need for building a theology of getting fired. He notes that we must continually ask fundamental questions in building a worldview.

John and Shane help listeners consider some survival tactics of consciousness of self-interest. The encourage listeners to hold self-preservation in engaging worldview battles hand-in-hand with truth. John rests his thought on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s work on Live Not By Lies


Shane closes with a question about Bible translations. The two wrestle the question while also driving listeners to simply read the Bible. They provide recommendations on strong translations. They also build confidence that the Bible is reliable.


Solzhenitzyns Live not by lies

Colson Center – Worldviews and cultural fluency

Tactics – Greg Koukl


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