From Christianity To Atheism: Parenting Millennials Under A Biblical Worldview

By Jason Jimenez This article is adapted from Jason’s book Abandoned Faith. Clayton, a sophomore in college, was influenced by a couple of classes taught by a professor from The Jesus…

What Can and Can’t Darwin’s Algorithm Compute?

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Has “Homosexual” Always Been in the Bible? A Conversation with Preston Sprinkle. – Sean McDowell

Was the word “homosexual” invented to suppress gay people? Is it a poor translation? Preston Sprinkle and I unpack the best biblical translation for 1 Cor 6:9. Read More Sean…

Darwinian Mythology in Strickberger’s Evolution

Just because something can be counted as science does not automatically mean that it is true. Source Read More Evolution News

Unity and the Church: A Lesson from the Avengers. – Sean McDowell

Why is unity so important for the church? And how does the cross defeat disunity? Sean answers these Qs with an example from the Avengers movie (2012) Read More Sean…

What Criminal Trials Teach Us About Objective Moral Truth

I’ve been involved in numerous criminal trials over the years, most involving cold-case murderers. In many of these cases, the outcome was influenced (in large part) by activity outside the…

Why C. S. Lewis Rejected the “Argument from Undesign”

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On the Evolution of Automobiles

In automobile evolution, for example (or in the evolution of software), as in the history of life, we see major new features appear suddenly. Source Read More Evolution News

Were There No Camels During the Time of Biblical Patriarchs?

By Mikel Del Rosario Camels in the Bible? Engaging skeptical challenges to the Old Testament and Camels in the Bible Most people I knew growing up had no problem saying…

Awesome Recovery for Atheist Lawrence Krauss

Krauss of all people is now lecturing us about the importance of…decency, goodness, honesty, honor, and purity. Source Read More Evolution News