If You Benefit from Truth For Life, Become a Truthpartner!

Truthpartners are believers who make Truth For Life possible by financially supporting the ministry each month and by praying for God to work through the teaching to bring many to saving faith in Jesus.  

Truthpartners are vital to Truth For Life because their faithful and consistent monthly giving provides the stable income that pays to: 

broadcast Truth For Life on more than 2,000 stations; 

make all of the teaching on the website and mobile app free to watch, hear, or share;   

distribute Truth For Life through podcast, YouTube, streaming TV, and voice-activated devices; and 

make all books and Bible teaching materials available for people to purchase at cost so expense is never a barrier to anyone who wants to learn more about Jesus.  


How Many People Hear Truth For Life Because of Truthpartner Giving? 

Truth For Life can be heard in every corner of the world! People who learn from Alistair’s teaching are in many countries and write often to express their gratitude for free access to clear, relevant Bible teaching. 

“The ministry of Truth For Life is a great blessing and has encouraged me to study the Bible more deeply. It is refreshing to listen to Alistair preach the Gospel and uphold the Bible as the living Word of our God and Father and our Lord Jesus.” —Stephanie, New Zealand 

“A note of thanks for the two monthly books that I received safely. My own church is facing issues we have not had to deal with before, and I’m grateful for the true word of our Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed through Truth For Life.” —Lynette, Australia  

“I just wanted to thank you for this ministry! I profit greatly from Alistair’s daily program. Also, thank you for the books that I order from time to time.” —David, Germany  

“I’ve been blessed by Truth For Life through the mobile app. It’s such a blessing to access teaching that offers strength and encouragement, especially knowing that I am being molded and grounded in the sure foundation of God’s Word. We do not have churches here that focus on Gospel-centered teaching.” —Georgina, India  

“I have been listening to your teaching for the past two years during my long commute to and from work. The sermons have helped me immensely in my journey of faith. Your ministry is a blessing.”— Bob, Portland, Oregon 


Are There Benefits to Being a Truthpartner?  


When you sign up to be a Truthpartner, you’ll receive a copy of Alistair’s hardcover devotional book Truth For Life: 365 Daily Devotions.

Each month, you can request our monthly book recommendation with no additional donation. When you give $20 or more each month, you can request both our monthly book selections with no additional donation. 

You’ll receive online access to the Message of the Month, a special message made available to Truthpartners by Alistair.

Best of all, you’ll be bringing the lifesaving message of the Gospel to others

How Do I Sign Up?

Sign up online here.

Sign up over the phone when you call us at 888.588.7884 Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern time. 



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