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The outpouring of grateful tributes to the life, preaching, writing, and mentorship of Tim Keller has been overwhelming. These stories, articles, and essays come from a former U.S. president and from pastors, academics, journalists, ministry leaders, and congregants around the globe. It’s obvious Tim Keller’s clear thinking, calm demeanor, and sincere piety affected many people who desire to model the same.

Reading these pieces allows us to honor the work of God in the life of one of his saints and helps us see how we might continue to build on and benefit from Tim Keller’s legacy in the years to come.

Here’s a selection of those pieces in chronological order (we’ll continue to update the list in the coming days and weeks).

TGC Staff

President George W. Bush on Twitter

Don Carson at The Gospel Coalition

Collin Hansen at The Gospel Coalition

Ray Ortlund at The Gospel Coalition

David Platt at Radical

Trevin Wax at The Gospel Coalition

Collin Hansen at Christianity Today

Jake Meador at Mere Orthodoxy

Mike Kruger at Canon Fodder

Samuel James at Digital Liturgies

Jessica Lea at Church Leaders

Sam Roberts at the New York Times

Rich Lowry at National Review

Mitchell McCluskey at CNN

Greg Norman and Sarah Rumpf-Whitten at Fox News

Emily Langer at the Washington Post

Tiffany Stanley at The Hill

Michael Luo at the New Yorker

Jason DeRose at Weekend Edition Sunday (NPR)

Peter Wehner at the Atlantic

Molly Worthen at the Atlantic

David Brooks at the New York Times

Jared Wilson at For the Church

Rory Shiner at TGC Australia

Paul Tripp at Paul Tripp Ministries

Tony Reinke at Desiring God

Jean Consolateur at TGC Africa

Joshua Chatraw at Religion News Service

J. D. Greear at Baptist Press

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