10+ Questions to Ask Your Woke Boss

What happens when your job asks you to do something that conflicts with your religious beliefs? Do you just give in because it’s easier than rocking the boat? The same people who say they are fighting for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) often punish or intimidate those who commit the thought crime of disagreeing with transgender ideology (or homosexual behavior) even though these beliefs have NOTHING to do with workplace productivity. And really, why are we even talking about sex at work in the first place?!

In this midweek episode, Frank shares what happened when he got fired from his corporate job and gives viewers advice on how they can respectfully engage with a supervisor who is challenging them, including an extensive list of clarifying questions you can present when you are asked to do something that violates your conscience as a Christian.

Questions such as:

I noticed that our company values tolerance as I do, but what does the company mean by tolerance?
Are all employees required to have the same political, religious, or moral beliefs to work here?
Does the company think it’s right to force employees to violate their conscience?


If you’re tired of having to hide your conservative or religious beliefs at work as if you live in a totalitarian state rather than America, then this is the episode for you!

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Resources mentioned during the episode:

Sex at Work?: https://bit.ly/3Olx4SP

Alliance Defending Freedom: https://adflegal.org/

Correct, Not Politically Correct (Expanded Third Edition): https://amzn.to/457PyMP


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