Cosmic Chemistry | with John Lennox

One of the greatest myths regarding God and science is that science has somehow disproven God. The exact opposite is actually closer to the truth. If science has disproven anything, it has disproven atheism. How can that be? The Great Dr. John Lennox, Professor at Oxford University, joins Frank to offer answers by discussing his new book Cosmic Chemistry.  They address questions such as:

What can science explain and what are its limits— what can’t it explain?
What are new developments in science that are pointing more toward intelligence as a cause?
How does atheistic materialism negate our ability to reason and our ability to do science?
Why does science depend on an intelligent being?
What is the origin of natural laws?
What is the origin of information and why can’t information be explained by natural laws?
Why does evolution fail to disprove God?
Even if macroevolution is true, how do we know there is an intelligence behind the evolutionary process?
What about the “God of the gaps” objection?


Dr. Lennox is his usual cogent and winsome self-offering analogies that help us all understand complex subjects.

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