The Rundown on Logos 9 Discounts Disappearing Soon

It’s official: February 1 is your last day to nab launch discounts on the new Logos 9. Log in to see your savings

Don’t know what all the excitement is about? Check out this video:

Here’s a look at the discounts ending at 11:59 p.m. (PT) on February 1, with a quick tip before we dive in.  

Sign in to save

To save yourself time, simply log in to see your savings

Because your discounts are automatically calculated based on what you already own, you’ll see your special purchase price on every option when you sign in before you start shopping.

But if you want the deets, here they are:

New or returning to Logos? 15% off

Whether this is your first time or your ninth time buying Logos software, you’ll get 15% off the package of your choice. 

Awesome news—that includes a complete upgrade (library + features) and additional library upgrades. (For example, you’d save 15% on your purchase of Logos 9 Silver. If you then wanted to upgrade to the Logos 9 Gold library, you’d save 15% on that, too.)

Explore packages.

Pre-launch Faithlife Connect subscriber? 20% off

If you subscribed to Faithlife Connect Essentials or Premiere before Logos 9 launched on October 26, you’re in even better shape. You’ll get 20% off your complete upgrade or library upgrade, plus the normal 2% return on any purchase.

(Oh, and even if you only want to purchase a feature upgrade—which would give you access to those features forever—you’ll still save money. Your discount for feature upgrades is 5%.)

Get a package recommendation.

Academic discount: up to 45% off

Are you faculty, staff, or a student? You could save up to 45%

There are a lot of ways your discounts could shake out, so the best way to see your discount is by logging in.

But here’s a peek:

  • Faculty upgrade: 40% off all things Logos 9. (And if you’re also a Faithlife Connect Essentials or Premiere subscriber, make that 45% off.)
  • Student/staff: 30% off all things Logos 9 (35% off if you’re also a Faithlife Connect Essentials or Premiere subscriber).

Explore your academic discount

Note: These discounts for students, faculty, and staff will remain in effect even after the launch celebration, as they are part of the Logos Academic Discount program. If you aren’t already taking advantage of the academic discount, click that link—you’ll find out how to enroll!


Now that you’ve got the details, sign in to see your unique Dynamic Pricing! And if you need help deciding what to get, take this handy quiz or get in touch with our resource experts

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