Special Holiday Offer: “American Gospel” Exclusively from Truth For Life

Does Christianity mean Christ plus the American Dream? Can Christianity be Christianity without sin, God’s judgment, and Christ crucified? Watch the astonishing reality of how our culture has created a different gospel and a man-made god. American Gospel is a two-film collection that explores the tangible consequences of a society that embraces poor theology.

The first film, American Gospel: Christ Alone, shows how the prosperity gospel has distorted the Gospel message and how this theology is being exported beyond the United States.

In the second film, American Gospel: Christ Crucified, discover how the Gospel message is softened and Christ’s cross made less offensive to appeal to a postmodern world.

Featuring interviews with dozens of biblical preachers, including Alistair Begg, these must-see films are exclusively available from Truth For Life, thanks to the partnership of the filmmaker.

Don’t miss this striking exposé of modern American beliefs!


American Gospel

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