What Best Explains The Desire for Moral Transformation?

By Alex McElroy The reality of a moral law as well as the implications of immoral decisions is all too apparent. History is rife with the fallout from moral disagreement…

UK LGBT activists threaten to burn down church, attack pastor over Facebook post

A councillor in Cornwall is calling for the deportation of an Australian pastor who welcomed the cancellation of the local Pride event.  Read More The Christian Post | RSS

Reconstructing Kimberella — The Disputed Anatomy in Detail

Fossils often leave much room for very different interpretations of relatively poor evidence. Source Read More Evolution News

“Cuties” Film Review and How it Relates to the State of Our Nation

I always refer to myself at the biggest doubter because I have to research things myself and I do it obsessively. I don’t stop until I’m satisfied with my conclusion…

Son of 9/11 victim urges Trump to declassify remaining documents

As a federal judge has ruled that families of 9/11 victims can depose Saudi Arabian officials in a lawsuit against that … The Christian Post | RSS Read More

The Maccabean Revolt

The centuries leading up to the birth of Christ were filled with the drama of conquest and revolution. In this brief clip from his teaching series Dust to Glory, R.C.…

Give Yourself to Find Yourself: John Stott on the Gospel and Freedom – Tim Chester

Among the papers in the archive of John Stott is a single, rather scrappy sheet with these words written in pencil: “The church’s first priority . . . remains the…

How Is the Gospel True and Saving? Ephesians 1:11–14, Part 6 – John Piper

Some define it too narrowly, and others too broadly. So, what exactly is the gospel? Watch Now Read More Desiring God

1 in 5 evangelicals reject Bible’s teaching on gender: report

A new study has revealed that 22% of U.S. evangelicals appear to reject the Bible’s teaching that the gender of a person as male or female is given by God,…

Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for second time

A week after U.S.-brokered talks led to the leaders of rival nations Serbia and Kosovo to normalize their economic ties after decades of dispute, a Swedish parliamentarian has nominated President Donald…

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