Logos Tech Tip: What Did Peter Mean by ‘Sober-Minded’?

By Scott Gassoway

When studying a biblical text, you often encounter words that prompt questions about their original meaning. For example, in 1 Peter 5:7, Peter exhorts his readers to be “sober-minded.” This is not a common phrase in our culture. What did Peter mean by it?

The Bible Word Study guide provides a wealth of information about this word. When you open the Greek Word Study Layout, you get instant access to this information when you click the word. Are you studying a passage in the Old Testament? Start with the Hebrew Word Study Layout instead.

Click here to open the Bible Word Study guide to νήφω or “sober-minded.”

Note: When studying meaning, it’s always important to consider the context. The Bible Sense lexicon annotates word meanings according to their contexts: see “to get self-control ⇔ sober up” for other expressions of this same meaning of self-control described as getting sober.

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